About us

Teramount changes the world of optical connectivity by offering a novel solution, the patent-pending Photonic-Plug, for connecting optics to silicon.

Teramount Photonic-Plug enables standard semiconductor manufacturing processes and packaging flow in silicon photonics, thus enables any fabless semiconductor company to expand into silicon photonics while working with traditional foundries and OSATs.

Most existing solutions for silicon photonics packaging are based on active alignment processes, which require non-standard and expensive equipment. Teramount's Photonic-Plug offers high assembly tolerances that allow for passive alignment processes and enables high volume packaging through standard CMOS assembly lines, thus improving throughput and lowering cost.

By solving the most difficult challenge in the proliferation of silicon photonics, the connection of optics to silicon, Teramount enables broad deployment of Transceiver and co-packaged Switch connectivity in data  centers and other datacom and telecom applications.